Why Fans just can’t Get Enough of Harry Potter


There is no denying that the Harry Potter movies are always part of the all-time favorites by most movie-goers. They simply love these series and now that the lead cast is changing, they can’t help but miss the best movie wizard.

You might be wondering why people simply love harry potter whether in movies or in books. But I say the reasons are pretty obvious like these ones below:

It is simply interesting that there is a good chance you relieve some of the best scenes in the movies or books. You have probably played along with your friends, some of them!

This movie is making everyone wish they will also turn into a wizard at the age of 13! Yes, this is making teens and kids wish they also had parents like that of harry even if in the movie, this hero is oblivious of his power!

The school is simply amazing it will make you think your school is quite lacking. Yes, Hogwarts is just a school everyone would like to be a part of. You want to explore the secrets in it just like the students in the movies.

The magical creatures in the movie series are really something. The imagination of the writer is just amazing. You can’t help but fall in love with JK Rowlings’ imaginations. With them coming to life, you will really wish another sequel of the movie will soon be announced with the sam lead star!

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